Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you are here. I will use this space to share my wellness journey with you and what I learn along the way. Check back frequently and continue growing along with me.

Reflection On My Cleanse

Reflection On My Cleanse Lately, I’ve found it helpful to remember… The world is not going to slow down, ever. There is no built-in “break” coming for us, no universal invitation to “take time for yourself.” So, what about you and your needs? Turns out, we need to prioritize rest and self-care for ourselves. Truth... Continue reading

What is Wind Down Yoga?

What is Wind Down Yoga? Before I launched my Online Yoga and Meditation Membership over the pandemic, I spent time considering my program structure. I knew my own daily life experience of “sheltering in place” was isolating, stressful, and similar to many others. As part of my membership, I wanted to include a physical modality... Continue reading

Winter: The Season of Yin

Winter: The Season of Yin In Northeastern Ohio, the winter season beings in December and continues thru the end of March. Our winter in Cleveland is cold, wet, and dreary.  Like many, I feel overwhelmed and struggle with motivation, productivity, and overall cheer when it’s cold and gloomy. I know warmer seasons are coming and... Continue reading